Mural Erasure: Beach Flats Neighborhood Public Meeting

“We have things that have been brewing and we’ve been holding. We need the City to reexamine their investment, de-investment and reinvestment in the Beach Flats Neighborhood.” -Beach Flats Community Member

The last two remaining images of the Beach Flats Mural were erased this past weekend by an unknown act of vandalism. The remaining Virgen de Guadalupe and family scene were completely painted over in brown paint along with additional vandalism on signage entering the Beach Flats Community.


The community gathered yesterday in a public meeting with Mayor Don Lane, City Manager Martín Bernal, Detective Brian Warren and Maro Garcia from the Parks and Recreation Department. In this meeting many stories of the Beach Flats history were shared and many grievances regarding the original mural in connection to this recent act of hatred were brought to light. As part of the community and the city working together to move forward and address this issue, local artists and Beach Flats community members will be repainting the Virgen and family murals over the next three days.

They have worked to gather the proper permits and go through the necessary process to make this happen. Lead organizers and artists met with the community about what they would like to see in this repainting. The roses surrounding the Virgen will have the names of the families currently living in the Beach Flats. They will be repainting these two murals today, Saturday and Sunday at 133 Leibrant, please stop by with any support you can offer from paint supplies to cash donations.



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